Our services

We provide a wide range of business and personal services.

Our services can be provided in Russian, English and Korean. Our services can benefit businessmen, politicians, sportsmen, tourists, students, for example, for arranging of negotiations with foreigners or first trips abroad. Then you need business translator, guide-interpreter.

You can order marketing, investment research, translations in Russian, English and Korean also we are ready to consider any of your requests for service.

With the advent of the new century, business services in modern time are already an integral in part of business, of human life in Metropolitan areas, so the clients ' need for comprehensive services: turnkey projects, delivery from door to door, comfortable conditions for cooperation. In connection with this need, we offer a variety of related services by the above: we can conduct lectures, seminars, workshops in the field of business – how to start a business, partnership, international cooperation, customs clearance, transportation, linguistics with Commerce – Secret foreign language for a short period of time.

MUNEL offers both paid and free services, as well as friendship: for example, you can invite us for a joint game of ping pong, billiards, golf, volleyball, basketball, chess, tourist trips, leisure activities, communication and meetings. We work, serve, rest for you! We are open and waiting for you!