Building materials


We export wood

We export sawn softwood as spruce, pine of different size according to customer requirements, as well as round wood.

Actual dimensions of lumber as follows:

Length: 2 - 6m thickness: 23 - 63mm, including timber.


The massive export of steel scrap

HMS-1, HMS-2 corresponds to index IRSI 200-206. The minimum thickness of 6 mm.

Building materials play an important role in the safety, reliability and environmental friendliness. The quality of the material depends on the lifetime of your object, your mood and even health. Wood building materials and products. Thanks to the good structural properties of wood have long been widely used in construction.

t has a small average density, sufficient strength, low thermal conductivity, great durability, easily handled tool is chemically stable. Scrap metal: HMS-1, HMS-2 corresponds to the index IRSI 200-206.