Investment — is the sum of costs realized in the form of long-term investments in industry, agriculture, transport, social sector and other sectors of the economy. We are interested in real investment is, as a rule, long-term investments in branches of material environment for the production of any product. They are intended for investment in the creation of new projects, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of existing enterprises. In this case, enterprise-investor, investing, increasing its manufactured capital is the basic production funds necessary for their functioning working capital, intellectual investment is the investment in research and development, know-how. 
 Investment by forms of ownership It’s joint as companies or individuals, participating investors, combined with our efforts to attract and allocate capital for the purpose of development, creation and implementation of the investment projects, foreign direct, portfolio and other private investment as the investment of funds made by the citizens (natural persons) and firms in non-state forms of ownership.

Arranging of business meetings

Arranging meetings with your possible contractors, participation in exhibitions, carrying out your presentations, can provide our business translators, transfer and book a hotel, rent conference rooms or meeting rooms, to accompany your representative on a business trip, in some projects possible meetings with State organizations at the regional and Federal levels.

Business brokerage

Providing our services to you, we may be your partner or a supplier or contractor or EPC depending on the project. Assist in the solutions of the problems with the counterparty, receivables, purchase or sale of business, mergers or acquisitions of business, customs statistics, accounting and law, the conclusion or termination of contracts, litigation, marketing research, market monitoring, promotion of your brand in Russia in B2C, as well as finding your partners, suppliers, investors in various fields: in commerce, trade, logistics, customs, HoReCa, education, legal registration of land or real estate. 
We are ready to consider all your requests.

Business interpreters

We offer business interpreters and translators for English, Korean, Russian languages in the following directions: Commerce, equipment, trading, transportation, customs, education, medicine, real estate and land. Our translators are distinguished by the fact that they understand the business, Economics, mastery of the terms, knowledge, experience, information and trained in the company. 
 Our classification of translators is business translator, guide translator, technical translator, legal translator and some of them are universal translators. For individuals we can offer as a professional translator or students. 
 Written translations. And also you can order translation of various documentation, such as contracts and agreements, letters of intent or MOU, protocols of the tests, certificates, licenses, orders, letters, statements etc.


We offer professional training for organizations, companies, individuals, startups, students. 
 The training is conducted by our employees that have specific knowledge and experience in his sector of activity. Possible subjects are marketing, management, linguistics, logistics, customs, tax system, HoReCa and law. 
 Possible topics are how to enter a foreign company, how to learn a foreign language for work, proper reporting, proper mindset, business planning, market research, practical issues of personal experience, business etiquette in different continents, customer service and companies, project management, Russian and foreign mentality etc. 
We are ready to consider your titles.


Modern business is not only profit, sales, so we offer a joint leisure. From our part possible is regular communication, sports, tourism, linguistic meeting, but we are always ready to discuss about business if you want. In a word we offer you friendship. 
We will consider all your suggestions.